Gacha Memories and the other side of the history

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    Hi everyone, CedricM Talking :)

    Warning: This post will be a mixture of theory with logical assumption, so everything that will be written here may perhaps be a little heavy on some aspects. Of course I will relieve and implied some points, but I would like to alert you as soon as possible. In addition, there will be spoilers (many) on the game Gacha Memories, so if you have not played or are still playing, I warn you that what will be written here can disrupt your gameplay, so dowload Gacha Memories and play first. And those who have already played, I would like to hear your opinion and we will exchange some ideas about your conclusions after reading this post. Notice given ... Let's Go!


    Who knows me a little, you know that I really like writing theories and fanfics. And I would not stop talking about the game that inspired me enough to have passion for what was the Gacha Memories.

    Gacha Memories is the Lunime Visual Novel game, released on May 18th of that year. The story takes place 3 months after the Gacha World events, which show the life of Gacha Summoner and his relationship with other characters (Ellie, Luni, Lilith, Mitsuko, Naomi, Kuku, Aoi and Kugari) and face against a new threat. These details will be further addressed throughout this post.

    I've never seen so many people create a crush for Mitsuko after that game. And no less. After this game, we can see the more human sides of the characters, and create more emotions for these charismatic characters. And the story is well developed, with drama and romance quite sharp and well developed. Conclusion: An excellent Lunime game. 9/10

    However, it had to have a boring named CedricM to be inventing theory about these games. And to be honest, I'm glad I'm boring for these things. So come on ...:rofl:

    Anyone who has played Gacha Memories knows that there are 6 possible routes according to the character you approach (Ellie, Luni, Mitsuko, Naomi, Kuku and Kugari), and depending on your choices you may end up making one of the 6 good ending, one for each character or one of the 5 (?) bad ends, one for each character.

    Being honest with you, I really liked the vibe of the game, but I missed something: Consequences. Of course, most Lunime games tend to have a larger audience among children, but Gacha Memories was the most "adult" game ever released so far, and as you play it, you realize that the audience at Gacha Memories is the margin of 15, 16 years upwards (I believe it). Proof of this is the implicit moments you perceive as you play, like the +18 moments and moments of fighting the bugs and the villain of the game, where there is a moment of delirium of the character seeing his "beloved" (Ellie, Luni or Mitsuko) being "finished" or even the bad endings, where our character ends ... will play to know what rolls. These were moments that I liked the most for having a more serious and adult footprint in the game. But the game is still a good match.

    Going back to the question ... The events of Gacha Memories are cool, but depending on your chosen route, it seems that the consequences and other more tense moments are left aside, focusing on the good side of the story. I like it, but being honest ... I like to see some character suffering for a bit... My sincere apologies...

    Then, with this idea of consequence, the theory is as follows:

    What if all the events of Gacha Memories happened at the same time, creating consequences?

    It's kind of strange to understand the key question, but it's about relating all the happenings of all the routes, but guiding our character with some of the heroines (and Kugari) and explaining the consequences that would come with your choice.

    It is noteworthy that all these moments will happen after the second act, when Luni asks our character to help her, Lilith, Ellie and Mitsuko fight the villain or return to Earth and not intervene in this problem, leaving in them hands, wings and tails. Then there will be too many spoilers.

    So let's go!;):cool:
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    I love reading those, and yours was a very detailed one, I loved it~
    In fact, it made me think on some things, such as what happens to Naomi in her route or on Kuku's.

    I would love to know what more you have to say about this~